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Sharon Kemboi, Undergraduate

Kyle Gordy, Summer Intern

Macy Morgan, Summer Intern
Anna Holycross, Summer Intern
Debora Henderson, Summer Intern
Evan Osborne, Summer Intern
Austin Tubbs, Undergraduate
Mantricia Densmore, Undergraduate
Haley Turner, Undergraduate
Wanda Ulmer, Undergraduate
Quincy Barnhill, Graduate
Sandra Florez-Parra, Undergraduate
Renosha Barlow, Summer Intern
Aries Larkin, Undergraduate
James Nemeth, Undergraduate
Joy Carroll, Summer Intern
Xavier Thomas, Summer Intern
DeMarco Spears, Undergraduate
Namita Sinha, Research Associate
Andy Yousef, Summer Intern
Essence Parrish, Summer Intern
Mary Rodriguez, Undergraduate
Tamya Thompson, Undergraduate
Nicole Davis, Undergraduate
Jae Murphy, Undergraduate
Garren Granec, High School Intern
Danielle Neupert, Undergraduate
Katelyn Knight, Undergraduate
Hayden Armuelles, Graduate
Caitlyn Bonham, Undergraduate
Josh Millwood, Undergraduate
 Sherilyn Garner, Undergraduate
Dominique Hill, Undergraduate
David Langley, Undergraduate
James Morley, Undergraduate
Jack Key, Undergraduate
Alexis McHale, Undergraduate
Robert Vaughan, Undergraduate
Padraic Hubbard, Undergraduate​

Kyle Gordy Nelson Kimutai
Macy Morgan Victor Onyango

Evan Osborne

Blake Cleckler, MS - Research Associate

ChengkeLiu, PhD - Research Assistant Professor

Mustafa Morsy is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences at the University of West Alabama (UWA). He received his PhD from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. Following Post-Doctoral work at the University of Nevada, Reno, and the Samuel Robert Noble Foundation, he joined the faculty of UWA. Morsy laboratory at UWA investigates the role of fungal symbionts in increasing plant growth and adaptation to various environmental stress. You can contact him at or, to learn more about Dr. Morsy, click here.

Mustafa Morsy, PhD - Principal Investigator

Meet the Team

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Chengke Liu joined Morsy lab in July 2014. Chengke focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms that govern plant-fungal-viral interaction, with particular interest in the role of fungi and viruses in increasing plant heat tolerance. 

Undergraduate Students

Lab Alumni

Blake  is the lab Research Associate. Blake graduated in the Spring of 2014 from the University of West Alabama with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology. He is now a graduate student in Morsy's lab. Blake work is focused on discovery of novel fungal endophyte that can increase crop productivity under field conditions.