Science Coffee Shop:With the success we observed with the Science Saturdays, in 2013 I founded another outreach program targeting adults named Science Coffee Shop. The UWA Science Coffee Shop is inspired by the worldwide popular movement “Science Cafés”. The Science Coffee Shop series is a venue to engage and inform a non-science audience in a discussion with scientists. Science Coffee Shop is NOT a long lectures with an inactive audience, but rather a dynamic, two-way communication between a scientist and the public. 

The Science Coffee Shop is a lively event that takes place in casual settings at the Austin's Steakhouse to encourage conversation, debate, interaction, and dialogue between scientists and the public. The Science Coffee Shop welcomes everyone to join in and reaches out to all audiences.

The Science Coffee Shop is an opportunity to gather with old and new friends in a relaxed atmosphere while participating in a program of very cool scientific 'stuff'! The events are free and sponsored by the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Dr. John McCall co-organizes the Science Coffee Shop.

Science Saturdays: I have been coordinating the UWA’s Science Saturdays outreach activity since I joined the UWA. The program aims to encourage children to develop a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields at an early age. The program provides K12 students from around Sumter County area with opportunities to experience hands-on learning activities in science. Science Saturdays activities are held three times during each Fall and Spring semester. Faculty members from UWA's College of Natural Science and Mathematics host science exploration projects through a variety of activities. Example of these activities included: "CSI Livingston" to learn about forensic tools such as fingerprinting, hair examination, and chemical analysis, and “Brainic" to teach students how to dissect sheep brain and learn how the brain functions. Science Saturdays activities are free of charge and are open to all children in the appropriate age groups advertised for each event.

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