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I also teach Molecular and Microbial Biology course. This unique course provides an opportunity for students to experience the scientific inquiry process in a comprehensive and creative way. This course was developed in collaboration with Tiny Earth, a network of instructors and students focused on crowdsourcing antibiotic discovery from soil. The course is designed to use authentic scientific research to inspire undergraduates. 

I teach upper level Cell Biology and Genetics courses (lecture and laboratory). The small class sizes at the University  allows me to offer the laboratory sections as discovery-based research courses. These discovery-based labs provide students with hands-on independent research project experience. My lab sections focuses on student-centered learning where students design, perform, and analyze data for their own experiments. The lab sections provide students with profound lab experience, scientific writing, critical thinking, and presentation skills. In addition, I teach graduate level classes such as Functional Genomics and Plant-Fungal Interaction.

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My teaching goal is to inspire students to have a successful career in biology by helping them realize their potential and providing them with required knowledge and experience.